Amanda Caldwell - Contemporary Artist 

Amanda Caldwell records aspects of personal interaction with urban environments and basic living elements through a complex process of documentation and spatial distortion. This process is much the same as the human brain altering the information it records via memories and emotion.

Images are combined and altered, to create a space where there is a constructed situation or moment, using specific formal rules referring to aspects of social and visual reality. The work balances digital images with physical and mental process, to suggest a cohesiveness between observation and interpretation.


Referencing public architecture in the area, Amanda, gathers the geometric, and spatial base of the composition, thereby addressing visual reality.  Specifically centered on forms of public transportation and communication, color then becomes a tool used to touch on the emotional reality of those who live a life style dependent upon such systems.

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 © 2018 by Amanda  E. Caldwell

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 © 2018 by Amanda  E. Caldwell